What is BIG Training All About?

As a part of joining BIG, new hires must attend an eight-week course, taught by Kate. What is this class all about anyways? I must say it has been a truly enriching experience. I have learned how to ask questions, build surveys, work with excel and use pivot tables, charts, graphs, and presentation skills to my advantage. More importantly, I have learned how to think. 

Yes, think.

We all have the ability to let our minds wander off to many other worlds, but how do we avoid letting our minds drift off so far that we become lost? Kate has taught me that in order to succeed, I need to know when and where to let my mind travel. When is it the right time to use my imagination, and to what extent? Critical thinking and analysis skills are valued in our advancing society, but in order to effectively think, it is important to know how far is too far. 

Kate is a wise and powerful woman. Her words are impactful and logical. What she has been able to teach me through these last few weeks are more than what can be taught in a traditional class. I honestly believe that Barton International Group is truly privileged to have her as an advisor and mentor. 

- Annie Bui