Becoming a Barton International Group Employee

On a normal day, walking through the Rhatigan Student Center past several dull information tables, one in particular caught my eye. In big yellow block letters, the first item drawing my attention was the word "Barton". Barton, the name of the distinguished business school of Wichita State University. As a recently declared business student, unsure of what career path to follow, I thought that this business group could increase my experience within the field. A senior member of BIG, Jacob Highfill, then gave me a brief but informative introduction of the group. From the real-world experience to the international trips, I knew that I had to apply to become a part of this organization. 

After a couple of weeks, I finally received an e-mail from BIG asking me to the first round of interviews. Sitting outside of the interview room, I was given further information about BIG informing me of the requirements and the different departments I could be a part of. Unsure of future path in business, I felt these opportunities could broaden my knowledge of the business world and help my find my way. Another sheet contained a case study, which explained a problem the group could possibly face. I was then asked in the interview to to share my position. Before even being accepted into the group, I felt like BIG gave me a challenge and a taste of the operations within a business, which is ultimately what I am looking for. 

Another e-mail appeared in my inbox a few days later, saying I was invited to the final round of interviews. When I sat down in front of a panel of three employees and the BIG advisor, Kate Kung-McIntyre, I was thrown a curveball question right away; "Explain a database to an 8-year-old in three sentences." On top of being limited to three sentences, I didn't even know what a database was. I left the room feeling a little bit more nervous than I did coming in, but was eager to hear back.

Afterwards, I received a final e-mail from BIG, saying I had been accepted into the Barton International Group. The first few weeks introduced me to every department within the group in attempt to find the right fit. After careful thought by the senior members and Kate, I was placed into the marketing department. With an open mind, I joined the group ready to learn anything.  

This first semester with BIG has given me everything I was expecting and more. Within the marketing department, I have worked with team members on our website and look forward to any future projects. Within the group as a whole, I have found the panels with alumni and presentations from local businesses most beneficial. It is amazing to see how BIG has molded its former members into productive workers for large businesses, and to hear their words of wisdom on how to become successful within the industry. As a part of Barton International Group, I have been given guidance and experiences that I can put to use in the future. I hope to increase my knowledge these next few years with BIG. 

Justinh Truong