This past Sunday at our weekly meeting, Amy Nichols, a representative from the Kansas Leadership Center visited to speak about an engaging leadership style. The Kansas Leadership Center states, “Leadership is mobilizing others to do difficult work for the common good”. As a group we discussed challenges that faced the group and the university as a whole and possible ways for us as members and students to overcome these challenges. By breaking down concerns the group was facing along with discussing aspirations, we were better able to understand the direction the whole of the group wanted to go while understanding what was required to be resolved to get there.

The Kansas Leadership Center takes the stance that leadership is an activity rather than a responsibility solely for someone with a title or a high up position. With this belief, anyone and everyone can lead others. Organizations and businesses can gain tremendously if they are able to engage members and employees to work for the common good. We as members were challenged to switch from the mentality of “someone should do something about this”to “I’m going to do something about this".

Located in Wichita, the Kansas Leadership Center is a non-profit that works with businesses, churches, and other non-profits to help create an improved Kansas through creating leaders who are able to make enduring change in their communities and businesses. Wichita State offers a course, taught by Dr. Peter Cohen, which follows the principles trained by KLC. The course is called Leadership in Self and Society and it is a one-week precession that takes place every spring semester.