Dia Dhuit (hello) Katelyn! Barton International Group would like to wish you luck and lots of joy on your endeavors in Northern Ireland! From the looks of it, you are having a blast, and learning a ton. We sincerely cannot wait for you to come back and share with us your amazing experiences. Keep doing BIG things, Katelyn! 

  Hey Katelyn! I hope you're having a blast in Northern Ireland! We're having fun keeping track of you on your blog and Facebook! Have a blast! Take lots of pictures for us! - David B.

Hi Katelyn, I hope you're having fun in Ireland! Can't wait to hear all of your stories when you get back! - Kiah D.

Hope things are going well!! – Nicholas S.

Katelyn! I have enjoyed your many Facebook updates on how gorgeous Northern Ireland is. I hope you are having an amazing trip. We can't wait to see you next semester and hear all about your adventures! - Grace K.

Katelyn, miss seeing your smiling face at meeting! Hope you're having the time of your life!