On August 17, members of the BIG exec team, department heads and board members held a leadership retreat to discuss the direction of BIG for the upcoming semester.

The leadership retreat started with an overview of the projects from last semester and follow-up on continuing projects.

“I am really excited for the future of Barton International Group,” Katie Staats, Business Development Director said. “We have a great team and everyone is so passionate about moving the organization forward and growing. Our leadership team is really pushing BIG forward and making some great changes.”

BIG made some organizational changes and started the process of specialized hiring, rather than an open recruitment process.

“I think the 360 recruitment is the perfect adjustment for our organization’s growth,” Erica Millspaugh, HR Director, said. “We are able to anticipate our needs within the organization and hire people with specific skillsets. I think it will help make sure we retain talent and the integrity of the organization.”

Other organizational changes included the retirement of Troyce Hefley, Chairman of the Board and the promotion of Blake Krier to Chairman of the Board, Jessica Crumrine to CEO and David Berry to Executive Vice President.

BIG is looking at new changes and exciting growth. As the semester begins, BIG will be implementing new process and looking forward to the company's growth.