On Saturday BIG executive members Troyce Hefley, Blake Krier and Matthew Slagle led the department heads in a retreat. This was the first retreat BIG has hosted and the feedback was extremely positive. 

Laura Schlapp, marketing director, thought the retreat clearly defined where BIG is headed. 

"I really enjoyed having an open discussion with all of the other department heads and the executive team on where we want BIG to go in the next couple years," Schlapp said. 

After goal setting and discussions with Dean Hensler, the team went back to advisor Kate Kung's house for dinner and more discussion. 

"It was really great to see the passion the executive team has for the company and it makes everything we do in BIG so fulfilling," Schlapp said. "I am really looking forward to these next semesters."

Slagle, Co-CEO of BIG, said he would like to see more of these meetings in the future.

"It is really important we all move forward with the same vision and I am excited with the direction our department heads want to take the company."