Pompeo visits BIG

BIG employees welcomed Congressman Mike Pompeo of the Fourth District on his visit to meet with employees and discuss his insight into small business and economic growth.

Pompeo shared political insight and his experiences in the business world.  One of the stories Pompeo shared was starting and managing a manufacturing company for aircraft parts, with no experience in the aircraft industry.

 When Pompeo and his business partners began managing their company, Thayer Aerospace, intentions of competing with companies on the international level were unintentional, but inevitable. Outsourcing may allow products to be manufactured cheaper, which led to Pompeo and his business partners to collaborate with other countries in order to keep production costs low and customer satisfaction high.

 In addition to his own personal travels and experiences, Pompeo visited with employees about their company’s goals, experiences, and ambitions in BIG and at WSU.  Pompeo agrees that international travel and experience will help set employees apart in the future and to take advantage of every opportunity.

Pompeo said to make sure you allow yourself to consider every possibility. You never know where the next big idea will come from or what exactly it will be. You can never be sure what idea will strike you, or what friend or colleague will approach you, just make sure you are ready to take advantage of the right opportunity for yourself.

Pompeo’s visit was insightful and helped the company gain perspective on entrepreneurship.