Innovation Campus from a Student's Perspective

Being a business school student at Wichita State is truly a blessing. As a Wichita native, this may shock many of the kids I grew up with who could not wait to get out and go to bigger, more well-known schools. Little did they know that Wichita has something special that often flies under the radar. 

Wichita has a rich tradition for innovation and is the perfect environment to foster a young entrepreneur like myself. This innovation can be seen from past businesses who have started in Wichita like Pizza Hut, Garmin, and Koch Industries. Now, innovation has leaked onto the Wichita State campus. It is not uncommon for a Wichita State student to receive an email once a week from administration outlining plans for something new and original like a room-sized 3D printer or a giant wind tunnel. 

Studying alongside the creation of the “Innovation Campus” and constantly being encouraged by teachers to collaborate with other students, helps to foster an attitude of innovation amongst the students. I am excited to see what’s in store for Wichita State because the students coming from its classrooms are brighter, more talented, and more innovative than people would expect from the third-largest university in Kansas. It’s a good time to be a Shocker!

Levi Iseman