Thinking About Traveling? Here Are Eight Reasons Why You Should

The Barton International Group recently took a trip to Taipei, Taiwan. During that trip, we had the opportunity to meet with a few businesses to explore their culture, see the sights, and enjoy bonding with each other. All the members that went now have great experiences that they can bring back to America, and want to share with you the reasons they feel you should travel as well.



1.    Traveling broadens your frame of mind. Exploring different cultures shows you that there isn't just one "right way" to do something. From food, to schooling, to even the side of the road you drive on, different countries have their own way of doing things. While it may not be the same as what you're used to, all of these methods work and the variety helps enrich our experiences.


2.    Traveling give you moments to remember. Gaining new experiences and insights and challenging boundaries can bring joy to our lives. Travelling allows you to experience the natural, cultural and man-made wonders of the world. Recalling memories of happiness can sustain a feeling of contentment long after a moment has passed, and new experiences are memories that can stick with you forever. 


3.     Traveling enhances your everyday conversations. Between the new people you'll meet, the fresh experiences you'll gain, and the knowledge you'll accumulate from your travels, your library of a mind will have plenty to share with others.  Proportionally, your ability to relate to people will increase as well. Forming a connection is an easy way to break the ice in any conversation. 


4.    Traveling improves your self-awareness and self-confidence. When you travel, you are faced with so many new situations and people that you are forced to adapt and open your mind to the situation. You learn more about yourself and your culture, as well as the culture and people of the country you are visiting. You learn how you handle yourself in different situations and environments and how you react to pressure and uncertainty. It can be said that you never really know your true self until you get lost in a foreign city and have to find your way back to your hotel. Traveling shows you that though you may be only one person in a big world, it doesn’t take much to leave an impression on it.


5.     Traveling can remind you of the goodness of humanity. Finding yourself in a sticky situation or simply meeting strangers that are willing to strike up conversations can illustrate the commonalities we share beyond our borders, cultures and languages. Meeting more people and exposing yourself to new situations helps you make more connections and realize that there is more good than bad in the world.


6.    Traveling gives you a sense of appreciation. When you take the opportunity to immerse yourself in someone else's country, you really begin to appreciate what you have. Whether that is the freedom to drive wherever whenever you want opposed to taking public transportation, the ability to converse with those around you without a language barrier, and good company. It's with the opportunity to travel that you truly appreciate everything you have back home and good friends to enjoy life with. 


7.    Traveling helps you relate to other people. When you travel, you get to see the different values and drastically different ways of living that people have. As it is increasingly easier to meet with other people from around the world, it is important to be familiar with new cultures. Relating to different types of people can help you become familiar with new ways of thinking, which will help you better yourself both personally and professionally.


8.     Traveling gives you perspective. During our daily lives, it is very easy to get stuck in our little spheres and become comfortable with our routine. Without travel, there’s no way to see how people of the world live in their respective cultures. The differing practices, landscapes, economies, and religions all shape the way that people live throughout the world. All of these different combinations help to create diverse, dynamic, and interesting walks of life that are there to explore and learn about. If you never have the perspective of how different life can be, your perspective will only be that of the slice of the world that you live in day-to-day.