Experiences in BIG: Josh Long

Like any incoming freshman, Josh Long sought out to be a member of an organization that would provide intellectual growth, opportunities, and networking. From hearing about BIG at orientation, Josh decided to apply. He was selected and joined BIG in the fall of 2016.

He started in the Operations Department and subsequently, switched to the Human Resources Department. Challenging himself, he was tasked with analyzing data as part of a project for the National Institute for Aviation Research on campus. Hours were spent working on the project and once it was complete, he called it his proudest achievement. Rightfully so, an undergraduate doing data analysis for a noteworthy company is extremely impressive!

Something incredibly unique BIG offers is the chance to travel nationally and internationally and visit all types of businesses. Josh was able to go to Seattle in 2017 and Toronto in 2018. Thinking about all the businesses he visited, the one that fascinated him the most was Avvo, an online company with the vision of being a one stop shop for legal assistance. The website has a vast database and even lawyer referrals.

The hopes Josh originally had have been fulfilled beyond what he could have imagined. He’s thankful that he’s well-equipped for his future endeavors, especially with his communication and presentation skills.

Josh will miss bonding with the others in BIG but knows he can reach out to them any time to catch up or to collaborate on a task. If students were considering applying to BIG, Josh would confidently say that they would find a group of people who value hard work, personal development and adventure!

Written by Angelique Banh