Blogs You Need To Read and Apps You Need To Get

Ever wonder how you can make your life more efficient? Well this blog post is here to help! The following are a few apps, blogs, and tips and tricks on how to make your life run smoother. Also check out our past blog posts that have been linked to similar information.



Apps are useful in so many ways. Apps helps with communication and networking. There are easy to use apps that are directed towards networking. There are also tons of different helpful lifestyle apps. Whether you are selling clothings, trying to track calories, or need to know how to budget your money, there will be an app for you.

Simpliday: This calendar app notifies you when you have something coming up and is very easy to use, which is my favorite part. You can also look at an overview of your week and see what you have scheduled.

Instagram: I know this is very basic but Instagram is a HUGE tool for me. It has great examples of what other businesses are posting and different techniques companies use to get their name out. People don’t always realize how impactful Instagram is. It is where I get almost all of my marketing inspiration from. Not only is Instagram a great example of marketing but it also helped me get a job, so you can gain a lot of different things from just scrolling through your feed.

Pocket: Pocket is a service that lets you save websites and helps you sort out what all you have saved. Using the bookmark feature on your computer can be overwhelming and unorganized but Pocket makes it look more appealing and easier to search through all of your favorites. Pocket also downloads articles so you can read them offline.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn not only helps you make connections with people but it also notifies you with suggestions on job opportunities you may be interested in. The app also helped me discover different career options and I also love seeing other people's past jobs and what they have done to get to where they are now. If you want more information on this app click here for one of our previous posts about it!



Blogs are personally one of my favorite things to read. I’m a visual learner so blogs are amazing because they usually have some sort of visual or picture to go along with the written content. Blogs are easy to read and easy to access information. Blogs are quick bits of information that help you learn things quickly. They are also a great way to get inspired. Like I said previously they also have graphics or pictures and I almost always leave a blog feeling motivated and filled with new ideas.

My favorite blogs to read fashion blogs. They are an awesome way to get inspired. Below are some of my favorite fashion blogs. Fashion blogs are a great tool for those working in marketing. These bloggers literally market themselves everyday. They always have good tips on how to engage your audience and different things you should post on different social medias.


Thrift and Threads: One of my favorite blogs is called Thrift and Threads. She’s an LA blogger who blogs about fashion, beauty, travel, and she also gives lots of tips on what to post on a blog or Instagram. Which is very helpful! Her tips are more centralized towards fashion but they can easily contribute to other content. She has everything from how to increase your email subscription, to what to post on Instagram, to management techniques.


Song of Style: My other favorite blog is another fashion blog called Song of Style. I particularly like her Youtube videos because during fashion week she goes around to very well known people in the industry and ask them how they got to where they are and what advice they have for people wanting to work in the fashion industry.

She interviewed people from designers, to creative project managers, to the head of Human Resources, and many more. It was one of the most helpful videos I have every watched. It really helped me realize that there are other jobs in the fashion industry besides being a designer. Most of people she interviewed said they majored in marketing and communication, they just gained experience and made connections and that helped them to where they are at today. This blog has lots of tips on everything on marketing and advertising online. Everything from how to start your business on instagram, how to network on LinkedIn, to how to understand your social media audience. If you need help with marketing yourself or your business on social media this is the place for you. is all about media, tech, marketing and everything in between. They have job opportunities, they have summaries of informational conferences, tips for digital design, why newspaper is important and much more. They have a great variety of content.

- Cali Despommier