Experiences in BIG: Carmen Resco

Carmen Resco’s story is one about growth. She joined Barton International Group her freshman year after listening to a presentation they gave when she was visiting WSU. She realized it was a way to get experience without getting a job, and thought it was really intriguing that no other college had done anything like this on an undergraduate level. She told me that Barton International Group was “one of the reasons [she] came to WSU,” but she never could’ve imagined the growth that being a part of the group had in store for her.

In my interview with Carmen, she told me about her time in BIG - from being a regular member of the marketing department to being the director of the department. As an early member, Carmen provided integral feedback, which allowed for her to be directly involved right away. Additionally, the department was undergoing a lot of changes during her first year in BIG - including project processes, website changes, and decisions about the branding of the organization, so she was able to help with that.

Before becoming department director, Carmen told me that she found it challenging to “talk to people” and “find the authority to tell someone what to do.” Now, she is better at communicating and has learned to trust her gut when it comes to being in charge. Aside from Carmen’s improvements with leadership, she has learned a lot about herself along the way. She has “discovered what [she’s] good at and not good at,” and become much more confident in herself and her abilities.  

Before growing into her more confident self, Carmen appreciated the confirmation that the work she was doing actually mattered. Although she is now much more self-assured, she received this validation during BIG’s trip to New York, where the group met with a producer for Broadway plays. He showed genuine interest in their projects and processes, which was a favorite moment for Carmen and something she needed to hear to grow and improve into someone better.

One piece of advice that Carmen gave to me was that “not quitting is important.” Even though she told me Barton International Group was occasionally something that was hard to stick with because of external stress, that it was so worth it in the end.

Carmen’s passion for learning new things became obvious to me at several times throughout my interview with her. When she told me about the projects she had worked on for BIG, she made it clear that she loved learning about different companies and their respective methods. When the group worked with BCS, she found it interesting to learn all the technical terms associated with them. With the Salvation Army project, she told me about how she had to read a lot of articles and learned some things she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to otherwise.

Carmen is going to miss a couple different things from her time in Barton International Group. Being director has allowed for her to think creatively and then actually implement her ideas within the department, which has been an incredible opportunity. Additionally, she has enjoyed that the people in the group and how they can talk about academic topics like “economics, but also be chill” at the same time. “We’re all nerds,” she told me, with a laugh in her voice as she remembered the years and memories she was wistfully leaving behind.

Written by Zaena Helm