Experiences in BIG: Deby Nouanlasy

When I first joined BIG, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Some just suggested it be a good opportunity to be creative and explore the business side of things. At first, I didn't really know how things work or even what I could gain from this organization. So for the first year I flew under the radar and didn't contribute to BIG as much as I could've, and as a result I didn't gain that much in return. 


Overtime, I finally made an initiative to make my voice heard and showed interest in projects, internal and external, for the company. The next two years went by, and I had learned so much from other members, projects, and tours. My best memories were from our trip to New York City. We were able to meet with various marketing, real estate, and consulting firms, which was far more valuable than any course that I had taken. In addition, we really got to know each other as teammates and friends in the organization. 


In all, BIG has given me so much and taught me so much about myself and the real world. Nothing can compare to the real life experiences with companies from around the world that BIG gave me. I was able to understand the work that goes into data analytics and marketing research presentations. I led a team in product and market feasibility for a company, while also being able to utilize part of my creative side to further BIG. Once I finally put myself in a position to grow, BIG helped me surpassed every expectation I had in store for myself and this organization. 

- Deby Nouanlasy