Defining What We Do


                While there are several different department facets of the Barton International Group, they all operate under the single notion of being a consulting firm first and foremost. Consulting is the core of what BIG does, without it there would be no business trips, no business partnerships, and no professional marketing experience to be given from a student organization. However, consulting is not a business concept that everyone is exposed to. It is not a flashy operation like sales or a strenuous position like accounting, but it does lie somewhere in between.

                Oxford Dictionary defines consulting as “engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field.”. To further understand the definition and its application to BIG, it must be broken down into two key aspects. Those key aspects are engagement in business and giving expert advice.  It is important to dissect how the group applies itself to fit the definition of a consultant.

The Barton International Group is connected with businesses all around the world, hence the International in its name, and goes above and beyond a simple business connection. What sets BIG apart from a traditional student organization is the level of engagement that it has when working with a company. BIG truly engages itself in every applicable aspect of our client’s operation. The extra mile is a given when BIG is involved on any project, whether its analyzing marketing trends, auditing a company’s social media profile, or doing simple surveys; the Barton International Group plugs into every outlet possible to deliver the highest quality advice.

                This leads into the second key aspect, expert advice. The BIG team is capable of delivering on consulting projects and working with companies the world over because of the level of knowledge and experience that its members have. This also means that any work done for a company is thorough and covers every base in its desired scope. No job is done partially, and all jobs are done by the most qualified students. The reason that BIG continues to thrive is due to the continued success and viability of the advice that BIG offers to its clients.

                How does consulting apply to a business? Is it something that only successful business can take advantage of? Is it meant only for growing businesses in need of assistance? In fact, it is meant for both. Consulting assists businesses of all levels. Whether it is a large company looking to develop a new product, but needing advice on how to better market its exciting new addition to the product line; or a small company just looking for new techniques on how to expand its business. Regardless of the size or scale, consulting is a useful tool that applies to all businesses and their needs.

                Consulting is the core of what we do, all other aspects are merely examples of the vast requirements of what the business world requires of a consulting firm. Together, BIG’s business engagement and expert advice makes it not only a genuine consulting firm, but one that is unparalleled on any college campus.