Experiences in BIG: Whitney Feltrap

In the fall of 2015, Whitney decided to join Barton International Group for a few different reasons – the most important of them being its reputation. Although she may have been reluctant to admit this, she told me that as a result of being in BIG, she has “gained so much more” than just an application booster.

When she first joined BIG, Whitney was in the Operations Department before transitioning to the Marketing Department when her group was dissolved. Now, she acts as an integral member of the Business Development Department. She has mainly worked as a trip coordinator as well as contacting potential clients.

Barton International Group has forced Whitney to grow a lot. She has gotten better at interacting with people and has learned how to present herself better professionally. Additionally, she has become more confident in her own abilities while also being able to realize that she “isn’t always the smartest in the room.” Finally, BIG’s trip to Taiwan taught her how to experience a culture when she didn’t know the language – an experience she likely would not have undergone without Barton International Group.

Whitney’s experience in BIG has been defined by the projects she has helped with. She worked with MetalFab as her first project, and admitted that it was a “scary experience” for her. Although it was intimidating because of how technical the project was, she found it was incredibly rewarding and reassuring once all the work was completed. Now, she is working on a project with Salvation Army and is learning to see the company from a different perspective. Although she knows a lot about them as a result of her volunteer work, she was able to understand more about them from a strictly business perspective.

Whitney is going to miss the people in Barton International Group, who she grew close to through the projects and experiences she had with them while in the group. Apart from that, she has thoroughly enjoyed her work planning in the group and hopes to continue that in her future. 

Written by Zaena Helm