Consulting with Star Lumber

“We took what they told us to heart.”

Ryan Walker, Senior Vice President of the Flooring and Decorating Division at Star Lumber, feels his company has improved immensely following BIG’s consulting. Star Lumber is a building materials distributor and retailer that hired BIG to complete consulting work for them. I decided to interview Ryan to find out more about BIG’s influence on companies they work with.

Ryan says BIG created and executed customer surveys to better understand why some customers who received quotes didn’t end up becoming customers as well as a competitor shop with the purpose of analyzing [competitor] weaknesses and comparing them to Star Lumber. Additionally, BIG did employee interviews to help improve the company from within, which translated into improving their work with customers.

Through BIG’s research, Star Lumber learned many things about their company. For starters, Ryan says the research showed that many of the people who received quotes and did not follow up only failed to do so because of the excessive length of time it took for Star Lumber to get back to the customer. Additionally, they found that the software they had been using regularly was outdated and had been “being used for 30 or 40 years”. In addition to these improvements, BIG helped to provide the company with “a little bit of reassurance” that they were correct in many of their actions – seeing as to how they “ranked in the top three” for most categories out of other building material companies in Wichita (found from the sampling).

After BIG’s work with Star Lumber, Ryan notes that he sees “more effort” coming from his employees and he recognizes the improvement in the company’s ability to “be more adaptable as the market needs”.

It’s not hard to see, even from the outside, that BIG cares colossally about the work they do and therefore performs this work with a certain amount of attentiveness and professionalism. They didn’t just reassure Star Lumber that they were correct in their actions, but also BIG told them the truth about how to change to improve as a company. BIG worked within the company itself and took the time to improve Star Lumber from the inside out, and it made all the difference.  

“We took what they told us to heart, and it worked out pretty well for us.”  - Ryan Walker, Senior Vice President of the Flooring and Decorating Division at Star Lumber

If you are interested in learning more about BIG's work with Star Lumber, a video interview with them can be found at the following link:

Written by Zaena Helm