Taipei, Taiwan

             Barton International Group is thrilled to announce our next group trip to Taipei, Taiwan. After traveling domestically for the last few years to San Francisco and New York City, in mid-August, members will be setting out for the groups’ first international trip in 3 years. This visit will provide students with experiences that will enrich their professional development and cultural understanding. 

            The trip location of Taipei was chosen for its ability to provide the group with insight into its high tech global environment. Taipei is thought of as a top financial center in Asia and therefore allows various opportunities when it comes to meeting with companies that can offer diverse insight. After narrowing down our possible places to visit like Mumbai, India and Seattle, Washington, we came to the conclusion that Taipei would fit our needs as a valued trip. During our extra time in Taipei we will be able to visit places such as Taipei 101, which was at one time the tallest building in the world.

            Previous trips, whether domestic or international, have provided students with valuable real world knowledge. By getting out of the classroom and seeing how businesses truly work outside of our community, we are able to apply lessons learned abroad to our own lives. With thirteen members planning to visit Taipei, we are excited to see the new insight they bring back to Wichita State and the Barton International Group.

-Alex Durano