The New Age of Marketing

When many of us think about marketing and advertising, we think about radio, T.V. commercials, billboards, and magazine ads. In reality, these mediums of advertising are becoming a thing of the past. These traditional means of advertising are now becoming ineffective and don’t have the accountability that new digital techniques have. With inventions such as the DVR and smart phone, consumers fast forward through commercials, listen to internet radio, and look down at their phones instead of looking up and seeing the billboards they pass.

Other than a consumer shift, you may ask why digital advertising is so much better. Traditional forms of advertising still hold a high price tag, yet are not held accountable for how effective they are. With digital advertising, companies can get very specific and targeted results for the advertising they pay for. They now can report how many eyes saw their content and who those people were. Social media & influencer advertising is also cheaper. With digital marketing being such a new industry, many do not know of its value yet.

Those companies that do have a hunch or have seen how successful digital marketing can be, will try it themselves or maybe even hire a “marketing guru” that will post on their pages. The digital medium is very different than the way they are used to doing things and many of the same principles of the past will not work. Because there are so few companies or individuals that know how social media works, there is a lot of skepticism about it with all of the bad experiences.

Social media is one of the best things a business owner can learn for a huge reason: it is free. If you can build a large audience and interact with them you have a huge channel to distribute to. 


-Kyle Offutt