Experiences in BIG: Thomas Papadatos

Recently, the Marketing Department began a series of interviews with recent BIG alumni over their experiences in BIG. This week, an interview was conducted with Thomas Papadatos and he shed some light on his time in BIG, what he took away from those experiences, and even a few recommendations to those just starting with the group or who might be considering applying for the coming year.

Thomas first began looking at BIG as he searched for an opportunity to get involved on a more professional level, network with people who shared like-minded interests, and to get some hands-on experience that could potentially help him as he continued his college education and eventually searched for a job later on.

While Thomas wasn’t involved in more than a few projects during his time in BIG, he was able to attend the trip to Taiwan in the summer of 2016, and enjoyed his once in a lifetime experience that he had there. It was very different from trips that he had previously been due to the fact that the safety nets of having family close by or being in semi-familiar surroundings were nowhere to be found. He said it was also a unique experience because he was able to spend it with people his own age and they were able to explore the unfamiliar culture for the first time as a group.

When asked what his biggest takeaways from his time in BIG were, thing that stuck out the most to Thomas was the experience he gained while there. Both professionally and interpersonally, he was able to learn a lot about business and the people in those businesses. He also had a great time on the trips and learned about the importance of being held accountable not only to his peers, but to the organization as a whole.

To those just beginning their time in BIG, or who are considering joining the group at some point, Thomas recommends that you plant yourself were you are good at, even if you have to readjust yourself later on. This means that you should approach BIG with an accurate sense of self-awareness and a willingness to be proactive. That means stepping forward to take charge of everything from routine tasks to important project deadlines. Figure out what you want to achieve with the organization and keep pushing yourself until you have achieved those goals.