When does BIG conduct recruitment? 

We hold an annual fall recruitment from August to September to select students for the current fall semester. All applications will be reviewed the deadline and interviews will be scheduled the following week. If you are interested, please fill out an interest form. If you have further question, feel free to email our Human Resources department at hr@bartoninternationalgroup.com


What companies has BIG worked with? 

In the past, Barton International Group has with large companies such as Koch Industries, Value Place and Pioneer Balloon Company. BIG has also found value and opportunity in partnering with small startups and upcoming businesses in the Wichita area such as Qdoba, TableVibe, Star Lumber, Rusty Eck Ford, and WaterWalk Apartments and Hotel.

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Why join BIG?


Barton International Group (BIG) allows students to apply the skills and knowledge gained from the classroom to real-world challenges that small to medium businesses face everyday. Alongside the hand-ons application, students experience the dynamic nature of managing internal departments to maintain the sustainability of Barton International Group through Finance, Marketing, HR and Business Development departments.    


BIG seeks the most driven, diverse students to contribute to an atmosphere that fosters constant growth and lasting relationships beyond the classroom while serving our community. With a small cohort every year, the culture within BIG remains a knowledge-sharing environment that optimizes resources for the cultivation of value. Beyond professional ties, students have the opportunity to build sustainable relationships with like-minded students on a personal value through retreats and community events.  BIG moves to build a working relationship with alums and current colleagues for continuous mentorship and job opportunities.


Students have the opportunity to travel to new places and have cost subsidized by Barton International Group. Members have visited New York City, Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Taipei to increase cultural competency and gain greater understanding of business practices. From touring Google to meeting the top advertising agencies in NYC, members gain exposure and insight incomparable to what is available in the classroom. Traveling fulfills Barton International Group’s purpose of increasing global awareness and enrichment of students.


Members of Barton International Group will gain competencies in the areas of data analysis, market research and promotion strategy often through consulting. BIG has maintained a 95% job placement after graduation. Employers actively target BIG students for their accumulated skills applicable to a professional career. BIG alums have landed placements at: Koch Industries, Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, LLC., Wichita Chamber of Commerce, Red Fuse Communications, Spirit and much more. Other alums have pursued further education in Masters’ of Economics, Juris Doctor in Law and Master’s of Business Administration.


What can BIG teach me?

Members of Barton International Group will gain competencies in the areas of data analysis, market research and promotion strategy often through consulting. In addition, internal departments allows members to gain exposure to Business Development, Human Resources, and Marketing. Members are also given leadership opportunities through project manager positions, department directors, and Executive Vice President and CEO positions. Through a knowledge sharing culture, employees have the opportunity to learn from a diverse network of students and business professionals. 


How is BIG involved in the community?

Our employees attend a wide range of community events throughout the year such as Third Thursday, Entrepreneurship Task Force, World Trade Council of Wichita functions and other networking events. We aim to support the local and startup business our community in the promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit.