Project AccelWaiter

The Focus

TableVibe is a mobile app designed to help restaurant wait staff provide service more efficiently without extensive intrusion. Kara initially came to BIG after hearing about our group through a former client - she wanted to know more about our feasibility studies we had done in the past and if we could do the same for her app. We decided that we would help her with market research and then determine whether or not we thought she should continue developing and investing in the app. 

Our Solution

BIG completed a market research project for TableVibe to gauge prospective customer feedback reservations about the app. Our approach to market research was based primarily off of interviews with restaurant owners and managers, as well as surveys given to restaurant patrons of varying demographics and servers. After gathering and analyzing this data, we had many discussions to determine what features of the app would be suitable to customers/restaurant owners, and what features the app might need in order to have a successful launch. 


In the End

Our deliverable included an executive summary for Kara's business, the market research we analyzed, and our decisions on what features we wanted to include/exclude. We advised her that the app was technically feasible, but that capital was crucial at that point in the business. 


“Their enthusiasm is second to none, they were just so excited about it and wanted to get started and figure out if this was feasible.”
- Kara Winter, founder of Table vibe