Project Jive

The Focus

ATAI, Applied Technology Acceleration Institute - was an organization created by Wichita State University. This organization was a main part to Wichita State's Innovation Campus strategy. Jive Software was one of ATAI’s industry partnerships. This technology was to provide community and collaboration solutions to student groups, faculty, staff, etc. on  Wichita State's campus. The objective of our project was to conduct market research to determine how to maximize the software’s efficiency and effectiveness for WSU students in particular.  


Our Solution

Primary Research was to determine how Jive should be utilized, necessary features and benefits to best fit student’s needs. This researched was obtained through distributing and collecting a minimum of 500 surveys. Following analyzing the collected data, we organized and facilitated Focus Group’s to gain further data/insights solidifying how students would utilize Jive Software and how to maximum its potential for the University’s benefit.


In the End

After many student discussions and comparisons between Jive and  Orgsync (current campus management system), students had a lot to say.  There was a lot of feedback towards Orgsyncs functionality all of those recommendations were recorded for Jive’s benefit. One important recommendation we had for ATAI was accessibility and the best way to get Jive going on campus, was to replace Orgsync.


Our recommendations to ATAI after surveys were taken: 

  • Mobile applications

  • Widgets and Customization

  • Read Receipts and Notifications

  • How-To-Videos

  • Connection to WSU Platforms