Where has BIG traveled to? 

Our trips have taken us to Toronto, Ontario (2017), Taipei, Taiwan (2016), New York City, New York (2015), Silicon Valley, California (2014), Shanghai, China (2012).

Our Recent Trip Toronto

Businesses we visited:

  • IQ Partners

  • Corus

  • Shopify

  • Code

  • Google Breakfast with Search and Gather

  • UNnetwork

Out of the various companies and events we visited in Toronto, one of the most striking lessons was the importance of creating a positive and innovative business culture. From visiting "start-ups" to well-established businesses, the one thing that all had in common was a culture that was receptive and open to change and fresh perspectives. We had the opportunity to meet and have candid discussions with company executives who shared their experiences and also wanted to hear about our own as current college students entering the professional workforce.

From creating a strong and enduring company culture, to leadership planning, to devleoping practices that add value to all employees professional and personal development, there was something to learn about each com- pany's policies that could be brought back to Wichita and applied directly to BIG. From an individual perspective, many members of BIG also had the chance to explore indus- tries of personal interest, such as learning more about the elds of e-commerce, human resources, technology, and public relations. Members also had the chance to bond through experiencing all that Toronto has to o er, from going up the CN Tower to riding in a boat together near the base of Niagra Falls.

Ultimately, our trip to Toronto taught us valuable information about the business culture in another part of the world, provided members with a wealth of ideas to put into practice in BIG itself, and allowed us to expore our individual professional career aspirations more fully.

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